Perverts 'R' Us

Amanda Gets Zipped!

By Willowall (Child physical and sexual abuse)


WARNING... This story contains graphic descriptions of sex among adults and minors. If you find this offensive stop reading now. This story is entirely fictional and any similarity between persons and events depicted in it and actual persons and events is purely coincidental. The story is pure fantasy and none of the events described herein are practiced, advocated or condoned by the author.

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* * *


Fred arrived in front of Dr. Harry Smith's office with his seven year old daughter, Amanda, promptly at 9:00 in the morning, before the good Doc had even arrived for work. He had been waiting for this appointment all week and didn't want to wait another moment.

Harry pulled up in his shiny new $40,000 convertible, yelling on the cell phone to his lawyer about his soon to be ex-wife, and his 17 year old daughter. "Look, Roger, those bitches get $200 bucks a month out of me and not a penny more! What the fuck do I care if they end up homeless, they're worthless to me! I wore their cunts out long ago!"

Harry was the most popular, and most well paid, pediatrician in town. Profiles of him in local newspapers described him as a kind, generous man who gave to charity and went to church every Sunday. The people who knew him knew the real truth. Money, Pussy and Power was all he cared about, and he'd do anything to get them. And that's why he was so popular with the town's biggest perverts and sadists, including Fred Martin.

"Sorry, I'm late Fred," said the doctor, as he opened the office door. "That bitch I'm married to think she's gonna get me to support her and Kim even after I'm divorcing her! Can you believe it? God, women ARE brain dead."

"I hear ya, Harry!"

The doctor showed Fred and Amanda into the examination room and told Amanda to sit on the table and undress. The little girl thought she was there for a check-up, but she didn't realize her dad had other plans for her.

"Gee, Fred, I envy you! Amanda sure is sweet. Look at that cute face. You know who she looks like? Cindy Brady!"

"Yeah, she does look like Cindy Brady!! I never thought of that before. Damn, that Cindy was hot, wasn't she? I sometimes jerk off watching her on the Brady Bunch. I'd like to grab her by the pig tails and pork her up the ass!"

"Hehe, Fred, so would I. So would I."

The doctor went over to his medicine chest and grabbed a thick needle already filled with some drug. He turned around, looked at Amanda, then smiled. "You better her hold her down, Fred." Amanda immediately started shrieking in horror, but it was pointless. She was totally overpowered and quickly unconscious as the injection did its magic.

As she laid there, buck naked on the table, her dad and her doctor towered over her, planning out their dirty handiwork.

* * *

An hour later, and the doctor's work was done. Oh man, you should have seen what he did! It was the first such procedure ever performed, but it surely will not be the last. The brilliant Doctor Smith had SEWN a ZIPPER over little Amanda's mouth AND cunt!!!

Fred was ecstatic. "Harry, that's perfect! That totally rocks! I am the happiest man alive!"

Both men were beaming with joy as they stared down at the little girl and played with her zippers. Soon, they were unzipping their OWN zippers and pulling their hard cocks out. There on the examination table of the most respected pediatrician in town, unconscious little Amanda got both her mouth and cunt stuffed at the same time. When they were done, hot white cum was splattered all over her bloody face, and then her zippers were tightly closed.

* * *


By now the stitches in Amanda's cunt and mouth were fully healed. Amanda had gotten used to having the zippers on her, and the pain had started to subside. Well, it's a good thing she got used to them, she's going to have to live with them for a long time!

This had been one hell of a month for the little girl. Her mother was killed on the first. The newspapers said it was a car accident, and that both the mother and Amanda had been killed when the car blew up in flames. Of course, all of Fred's closest friends knew that he knocked her off when she threatened to turn him in to the cops for fucking Amanda that morning. Fred told the cops that Amanda was in the car with her mom -- that way he could keep her locked down in the basement as his fuck toy and no one would suspect a thing. That's how he got the idea of putting a zipper on her mouth -- to guarantee there'd be no screaming to alert the neighbors. He put the zipper on her cunt just for laughs.

Today was the day for him to show off his new toy to his friends. About 20 guys had showed up -- friends from work, his two brothers, his father-in-law, Dr. Smith, some drinking buddies, and a few pedophiles he hooked up with online. They were all anxiously awaiting her in the living room while Fred got her from the basement. The room went dead silent when he brought her in. The guys simply could not believe their eyes. Not only did Amanda have her mouth and cunt zipped shut, but she had her hair in blonde pigtails, the words "CINDY BRADY" written across her forehead, AND her hands cuffed behind her back.

For a moment, Fred was kind of worried about his friends' reaction. Would they turn on him? Had he gone too far? Sheepishly, he explained he had to cuff her hands behind her back so she wouldn't unzip herself. There was silence for a few seconds, and then...

as if they were all on cue...... all the men started cheering at once! There was hooting and hollering, hand pumping and high-fiving throughout the room. Fred was relieved. Dr. Smith was proud of his good work. And Amanda...... poor Amanda...... she started to cry.


Soon the little girl found herself totally surrounded, with hands grasping at her body, and big, hard, smelly dicks pointed at her face.

Fred approached his daughter and put his hand on her mouth zipper. "All right, guys. Settle down. Settle down. You'll all get a chance to bash her. But the first honors go to the good man who made this all possible. Dr. Smith."

Everyone in the room applauded as Dr. Smith walked through the crowd and approached the girl. He was one cool dude! He had the respect of everyone there as he had helped all of them out with getting away with using their daughters. If there were any allegations of abuse against a dad, Dr. Smith could always be relied on to sign a report saying no abuse had taken place.

He was also good for signing death certificates. When Fred's older brother snapped his 5 year old's neck during a routine fucking, Dr. Smith listed the cause of death as "natural causes." And there was yet another reason why all the men looked up to him -- he had a flawless technique for doing safe penis lengthening surgery. Everyone in the room had long, thick log-like cocks because of him. The smallest tool in the room was nine inches!

He whipped his fat 11 inches out of his pants and aimed it at Amanda's face. He had fucked her before, but it was her pussy and she was unconscious. This would be better. This time, she'd squirm.

Slowly Fred unzipped his daughter's mouth. It got stuck at one point, so he had to tug on it and it pulled her skin and made her wince a little. When it was finally open, he told her to open wide.

"Dr. Smith, FUCK my daughter's face!"

At that, Harry quickly shoved his cock down Amanda's throat, while the guys cheered him on. The teeth of the zipper just lightly scraped against him, and it actually felt good, although not as good as the feeling of the seven year old's tight, slick throat gripping on his cock.

"Ahhhhhh, take it little girl!" he moaned as he rammed her face. He then grabbed her tightly by the blond pigtails and rammed her even harder. Yep, she sure did squirm.

Watching this nasty spectacle, the guys around them started getting impatient. "Come on, man, let's get at her pussy," one of them yelled. "Yeah, zip open that hole!" said another. Soon, Amanda was getting fucked in not one, not two, but in all THREE of her holes, her hands cuffed behind her the entire time!!

When the good doctor was ready to cum, he pulled his dick out of her throat and pumped all over her face. It was the first time poor Amanda was able to actually cry out for help. And boy did she cry! She was in agony! This would make most men go easier, but Justin, who was bashing the girl in the cunt, just started doing her harder. He got his hands around her throat, gritted his teeth, and plunged into her with every ounce of strength he had. To make it even harder on the girl, he'd pull out all the way to the tip of his dick before thrusting. He loved fucking girls like that, and was quite good at it. He called it his "Tip to Trunk Thrust," because he'd give the girl the entire shaft, from the tip down to the balls, in one hard hump.

Tears were streaming down the girl's face. Her holes were bleeding, and she was screaming for mercy. Finally, Justin gave her one good hard pump and shot his wad deep into her cunt hole.

As soon as he pulled out, Amanda's grandfather, Big Bob, approached her to take his place. He was fully clothed, and Amanda thought he was going to save her. Her face lit up and she squealed with delight.

"Grandpa! Help me! Ohhh, grandpa, hurry, please help me!" Bob suddenly got an idea. He smiled an evil grin.

"Gentlemen! This is outrageous!" he said. "Get your hands off my granddaughter right now. What are you thinking." He then pulled Amanda off the big dick that was buried up her ass and stood her up. He put his arms around the girl in a loving embrace, and reassured her that she was going to be rescued. She cried. She was so happy to be saved by her grandfather. Everything would be all right now.

The men chuckled as they stood around watching Bob's phony act.

"Amanda, do you want me to take you away from here?" he asked.

"Yeah, grandpa, let's go! I hurt!"

"Ahh, you hurt?? Ahhhhh, poor little girl. That just breaks my heart!"

There was a lot of muffled laughter in the room. The guy almost seemed like he meant it!

"I am just so disappointed in you, gentlemen," said Bob, as he held Amanda in his arms. "I really am. I am disappointed that you guys would have my
granddaughter on her back, doing such filthy things to her."

There was then a short pause, and before Amanda knew what hit her...

Big Bob had KICKED his granddaughter to the floor.

"Gentlemen, you should do the little bitch on her knees, like the DOG she is!!"

The room EXPLODED into laughter! Bob pulled Amanda up by the waist and forced her to her knees. Because her arms were cuffed behind her, her face hit the floor. He pulled his sweat pants down and pressed his dickhead against the girl's butt opening. He grabbed her by the pigtails and pulled her head up so he could spit in her face. He then yelled at her, "You're as STUPID as your fucking mother! She used to always fall for that! Do you really think I'm gonna SAVE you from this you fucking dumb-ass?! Do YOU? This is the only reason you were BORN!" He then let go of her head, and as her face hit the floor again, he pushed all 10 inches of his old dick meat up her ass. She cried hysterically. "Please take it out! It hurts! It hurts! Oh, god, please take it out!"

"Push it out if it hurts," he said. Being a stupid little girl, she tried her hardest to push the dick out of her by clenching her sphincter. It actually started to work. Big Bob's dick slowly slipped out of her ass. But before it slipped out completely, Bob rammed it back in with one swift hump. He laughed,
"Gee, I guess it didn't work! God you're dumb."

* * *


Fred had never been to a prison before, but a few of his pervert friends, Clyde and Dirk, were prison guards and had invited him and Amanda for a special "tour" of the place.

For weeks, Clyde and Dirk had been circulating Polaroids among the locked-up sex offenders of them bashing Amanda with her dad. The photos showed the before and after shots of Amanda getting the triple-dick treatment. The "before" pictures showed her stuffed with cock, and the "after" shots showed her with her mouth and cunt zipped closed, jizz shot across her face, pubic hair sticking through the zipper teeth and tears streaming down her face. The inmates were begging to bash the hot little girl, too, so Clyde and Dirk persuaded Fred to let them. Well, it didn't take much persuading, as you can imagine!

Luckily, the sex offenders in the prison were all grouped in a special wing, an Clyde and Dirk were the sole guards on duty, so there was little risk of them getting caught. Fred and Amanda were snuck in at 6:00 a.m., just as the men were waking up, sprouting their usual morning hard-ons. There were two men to a cell. Each cell had two beds, a toilet, sink, and one wall.

There were bars on three sides of each cell, so it was easy for everyone to see what was going on.

Clyde and Dirk escorted Fred and Amanda into the middle of the cell block and announced their presence. As usual, Amanda had her arms cuffed behind her, and her holes were zipped shut. There was a tremendous amount of noise as everyone was going crazy at the sight. There was no worry about anyone hearing the racket, though. They were in prison and could make as much noise as they wanted.

The guards, in full uniform, had their guns aimed straight at the little girl. After being introduced, Fred spoke to the group. "Men, here's little Amanda.
I'll be sharing her with all of you today. I understand that most of you are in here for kiddy rape and murder. Well, that's fine with me. You can fuck and beat my daughter as much as you want, but only on one condition, do NOT kill her. I'm rather fond of this little cunt, and want to keep her around a while longer. So, with no further adieu, let's get to work!"

As if being walked to her execution, Amanda was led to cell 1, where two big black dudes eagerly awaited her. They wasted no time. One of the niggers slapped her to the floor, jumped on her, and fucked her cunt hole, shooting deep in her in just 30 seconds! His buddy soon took his place. He lasted about 45 seconds. What do you expect? These dudes hadn't had a decent pussy in years! Amanda was picked up and dragged into the next cell. She had 84 cells to go!

By the end of the day, Amanda had been bashed by 173 men. Most of them had HIV, herpes, TB or the flu. In other words, she was covered from head to toe with poisoned cum, mucous and piss. She was handcuffed and had two guns pointed at her the entire time. Each prisoner was given a Polaroid of his work. It was pure pervert heaven! They could do ANYTHING they wanted. About a third of the men fucked her over the toilet. On several occasions she had her head in the toilet while being butt fucked. Another popular activity was to make her sit in the toilet while being pissed on. Sometimes a guy would stick his dick through the prison bars and make her suck him while being fucked from behind by a guy in the other cell.

Several men insisted on calling Amanda by their own daughter's name. She was made to eat out about 20 assholes, and about six men even farted in her face. One guy had a REALLY bad cold and had a lot of mucous in him. He had Amanda on her back while he straddled her throat, jerking off while staring at her, calling her names and slapping her face. The whole time, he would be snorting big wads of snot which he'd hock in her face. Once he finally shot his cum on her, her face was completely PLASTERED in his slime. He scooped it up in his fingers and made her swallow every bit of it. The most popular activity was for two prison buddies to double up on her. One would take her from behind, on her knees, while the other one fucked her face, which was usually in the floor (you get a REALLY good angle that way.)

One of the highlights of the day for Fred was when Eddy "The Choker" Morrison face fucked Amanda. Eddy was famous for having snuffed 30 girls. Fred had often jerked off to news reports of his exploits. Eddy was an idol to him. He took almost a whole roll of film of him sticking it to his daughter. Eddy usually snuffed out his victims by making them choke on his cock. He wasn't that long -- only 5 inches or so -- but he was a fat -- fatter than even a BEER CAN -- so that it was easy for him to block the air passages. It was a pretty tense moment when Eddy stuffed his dick down Amanda's throat. Everyone wondered whether he'd make her his Victim No. 31. They all hoped he would because it would be so awesome to see, but they also hoped he wouldn't, because they didn't want to get caught.

It looked like Eddy was going to go for the kill because a few moments into Amanda's throat thrashing, he plugged her nostrils closed with his fingers. She started gagging and kicking. It looked like she was going to pass out, then at the last minute, Eddy pulled out and triumphantly shot a HUGE wad into the air and all over the dumb slut's face. His audience broke out into applause! It was so cool! When it was over, Fred asked for Eddy's autograph. He got a black permanent ink marker and wrote, "The Choker WAS HERE" across Amanda's body. The words are still there.

This was one of the best days of Fred's life, and he wanted to relive it again and again. He and the guards cooked up a plan. It just so happened that there was an isolation cell in this particular section of the prison that was never used. No one ever went in there. Amanda could easily be kept there with no outsiders suspecting a thing.

And so it was. For the next five years, Amanda was locked up in the isolation cell of the most dangerous prison in the country. She was a 24 hour fuck hole for every evil, perverted criminal that entered the facility. Eventually, all of the guards and even several police officers, lawyers and judges were stopping by her cell for a quick fuck. Murderers, rapists and thieves served their time and were let out, but Amanda remained. On her 12th birthday she was let out to make room for a smaller, tighter, younger replacement.

Today Amanda lives on the streets, selling her body for a living. She's severely retarded. The zippers were brutally torn off her a few years ago by one of the prisoners, so she has scars around her mouth and cunt that open up and bleed whenever she gets a particularly hard pounding. Usually her tormenter will shoot his cum on them and laugh. Amanda just cries. About once a week her father and grandfather stop by her usual corner and tease her. It's really quite funny. In fact, I saw them taunting her yesterday. They had brought a package of bologna and were throwing the slices on the sidewalk and laughing as she picked them up and ate them. I went over and joined them. It was a blast. Those guys know how to have fun.

Bob recently adopted a 6 year old hole from Taiwan, and Fred is doing a 9 year old he bought online.

She goes in to get her zipper next week!