Perverts 'R' Us

Bathtime with Daddy

By Evil Dad (Hetero incest, First time, WS)

If the idea of a grown man having sex with his 3-year-old daughter offends you, then you should not be reading what follows. For the rest of you however, do enjoy this tale which might... I say, might... have happened, somewhere, someplace.

Dave Pruitt had been married five years to Sandra and she had given him a beautiful, blonde baby girl -- Lisa Jane. But since the birth of the child, she had shown almost no interest in sex and in fact, shortly after Lisa Jane's third birthday, had taken to the spare room and showed little interest in Dave or the child.

Dave was a typical, horny guy and at 31 years of age, built and good-looking, he was in his prime and needed sexual relief on a regular basis. Yet he was also old fashioned and faithful, and wasn't going to resort to taking a mistress or using call-girls for sex. So, his right hand had become his best friend, and his nightly jack-off sessions had just about kept his lust in check. Or so he thought.

Dave would never have considered himself a pedophile. Of course, like any man, he'd found himself sneaking a peek at his baby daughter's little pussy when he changed her nappy. Why he'd even rubbed it a little from time to time and once, he'd even licked the slit to see what it tasted like. It tasted good, he'd decided -- but then he'd just shrugged and put it out of his mind.

He'd never even entertained the idea of actually engaging in sexual activity with the infant. That is... until Thursday, March 22nd...

With the deterioration in his marriage, Dave had begun to take more and more responsibility for Lisa, and lately, this had even included bathing her. Putting the three year old in the bath tub and washing her was mostly a chore, but on occasion, the horny man had allowed himself the pleasure of soaping her little cunt-let with particular loving care, lingering over it, rubbing it with his fingers, and doing the same to her sweet little bottom-hole. The child liked this he had noticed -- squirming against his fingers, spreading her little legs for him. "That's it, let daddy wash you properly," he would say, attempting to justify this unnatural attention.

On one occasion, Dave had even managed to slip his big hard cock out of his jeans without her seeing, and had enjoyed a crafty wank while he soaped her little genitals. And when he shot his thick load against the side of the bath and let out a low moan, he hoped she didn't notice.

In bed, later, he would replay the scene in his mind and wank off again. It wasn't wrong, he told himself -- it was just that he was so fuckin' horny. All the same, he had to admit that he started to think about these furtive activities all the time now. It was becoming an obsession.

After a while, Dave started looking forward to washing Lisa. In fact, he was doing it every night after supper, while his wife watched endless soap re-runs on the TV downstairs or -- better still -- went visiting her girlfriends in the neighborhood, leaving the child in his sole care.

On the fateful night, Dave undressed the little girl as usual and placed her in the warm water. She usually played with the various little toys he had bought her for bath-play and he sat on the chair watching her play. He also watched her little cunt as well. Soon he knew he had a boner as usual. "Damn, she's so cute", thought Dave.

With a sigh, he got up and knelt by the bath, to wash the child. Then it happened. Somehow, he lost his balance and slipped over as he bent down -- and half of him ended up in the water -- much to Lisa's delight, giving her uncontrollable giggles.

Dave was sopping wet and a good splash of water had also soaked his jeans. He took off his shirt and then his jeans -- and as he stood there his Y-Fronts bulging, the sly thought came to him of actually getting into the bath with the child. 'Yeah' thought Dave, 'I could wash her much easier that way and...' The next thought in his mind made his prick stiffen slightly, and a tingle went through his groin.

He dropped his Y-fronts letting his big cock spring free and climbed into the bath. He smiled to himself as he watched Lisa's face as he lowered his big body into the water, facing her -- watched her stare at his big, heavy prick as it came level with her eyes...

He sat down and started to talk to her. "Daddy got all wet -- so daddy will take a bath too, baby." She smiled. He started to wash her again. He rubbed and stroked her little privates with loving care, and made her stand up before him, her little pussy just inches from his mouth.

"Shall I blow bubbles into your wee-wee?" said Dave.

Lisa-Jane giggled again and Dave put his lips to her little cunt and blew a raspberry into it. Ooh, Lisa liked that! Dave was letting his hands roam all over her body as he now inserted his tongue there too, gently licking and sucking the delicious little thing. His cock was standing up straight, throbbing with delight as he explored his baby daughter's vagina to his heart's content. He didn't give any thought to the consequences -- he was in a sexual trance. 'Mmmm, it tastes so fuckin' good,' thought Dave, and he even imagined it was responding to his licking tongue.

Gradually, he realized the child had gone quiet. He opened his eyes (which had been closed tight for at least ten minutes, as he enjoyed himself) to see the little girl looking down, sucking her thumb and watching her father pleasuring her, with a serious expression on her innocent face.

Dave stopped and made her sit down. It was then that she noticed his cock. It would have been hard for her not to have noticed it. Dave was extremely well-hung and sported a good 9 and three-quarter inches of meat between his big, hairy legs. A mass of black curly pubes and two big heavy balls set off this impressive tool which was -- when erect -- truly a sight to behold. So large was he, that Dave was even able to suck himself, when he wanted! But he wasn't sucking himself off on this night. No, indeed.

Lisa-Jane looked at the big thing. To her, it looked like it had an angry red plum on the end of it. She had no idea what it was. It kept flexing and throbbing, almost as if it was waving at her. Suddenly, she put out her legs and her tiny soft little feet slipped under Dave's balls. The feeling of the soft little toes was so nice down there and the man let out a sigh. Lisa reached out to touch the thing between her daddy's legs. He watched in silence -- not wanting to spoil the moment or to discourage her.

He gently pushed his crotch forward, saying softly "That's it baby, touch it...  make daddy feel good..." as the child's tiny hand slowly took hold of the stiff prick. It felt warm and pulsed with life in her hand.

Dave slowly knelt up in the bath giving Lisa a good look at his manhood which gave off such a strange odor to her little nostrils. He pulled her little body towards him and nuzzled his cock on her face. To his delight -- she didn't resist or pull away. Gently, he pushed the tip to her lips and -- to his utter joy -- his baby daughter began to suck it.

"Oh fuck," he cried, "Oh baby... yeah, suck daddy, suck daddy... oh Jesus... yeah..."

He caught sight of himself in the mirror -- and the depraved scene made him even more crazed with lust -- there, his big, brown, muscular body and the soft pink face of his child, the big cock pushing into her mouth and barely entering it, her tiny hand on the thick shaft -- his hand on her head... it was an incredible sight.

Dave knew he was going to cum, knew he wanted to cum. He wanted to spray the child with his spunk, wanted her to eat the creamy stuff straight from the source.

He withdrew his cock from her lips and started to masturbate furiously, grunting and moaning as Lisa stared at her father -- who to her, seemed in pain or agony. Faster and faster he beat his meat until, with a shout, he pulled her back towards him, pushing his cock into her mouth and then ejaculated violently, sending spurt after creamy spurt of his seed onto her tongue, and down her throat. The little girl started to splutter and cry, not knowing what was going on or what the strange fluid was that came from the big, strange-tasting plum.

Dave finally came to his senses. "It's ok honey, it's ok baby... daddy's all better now," he said to her, wiping her face with the flannel -- and cleaning the gobs of sperm away which had landed all over her neck and chest.

She stopped crying and he climbed out of the bath, and then lifted the child out, putting her on the big bath towel, which he had ready to dry her.

As he knelt and began to towel her body, he could feel his cock hardening again. He held the infant close to his big naked body and slowly rubbed himself against her soft flesh. "Yeah, that feels good to daddy," he said in her ear as he slowly pushed his cock between her legs, and began to rub himself back and forth.

Suddenly, he was kissing the child -- not the way a father kisses his baby daughter -- but lewdly, as a man kisses a woman in the heat of sex.

He pushed his tongue into the little girl's mouth and tasted himself, the flavor of his semen still present from the assault only moments before. He pulled the little body closer and then, quick as a flash, laid her on her back and spread her legs. He began to rub his prick -- which had a tiny pearl of sperm still in the piss-slit -- against her baby-cunt, and started to wank himself again. He knelt over the little body and crouched over her face... bringing his big cock back up to her mouth. He loved the feeling of using her for his own pleasure. She was like a living sex-toy to him and he became more and more overcome with his lewd feelings.

Lisa was not so keen this time, to take the big thing into her mouth, and Dave had to force it between her lips. Her resistance made it difficult and after a while, he gave up and, near to orgasm moved into position and aimed his cock at her little cunt just in time to drench it with four thick spurts of daddy-cum. It looked so good to him, dribbling down her tiny bald pussy lips, and he sat back on his heels, legs spread apart, to admire it.

Lisa lay there and looked at him, sucking her thumb, her other hand between her legs feeling the strange gooey stuff that was there. She was mystified. Dave, on the other hand, was feeling great. This little adventure presented a whole new range of possibilities for the future and an end to his frustration. 'Shit' thought Dave, 'if I can't have the wife, I'll have my daughter. She can take her place from now on'.

As he lay in bed that night, he started to think about when he could fuck the little girl. He even transported himself years hence, and imagined the thrill of making her pregnant. After all, she was totally his. He could do whatever he liked with her -- and she did love him.

At 3-00 pm he heard her whimpering in the nursery next door to his room. He immediately sprang out of bed -- not caring that he was stark naked -- and went to see what was wrong, and found her standing up in her cot, a very sad little girl indeed. She's had a bad dream.

"C'mon baby," cooed Dave, "You can sleep with Daddy from now on..." and he picked her up in his arms and carried her to his room. Removing her Pjs, he drew her into his arms, laying her on top of him. The child snuggled down, her head on his chest and Dave stroked and played with her little body as his moist prick nuzzled against her sweet little cunt.

He quietly pulled his foreskin back and rubbed himself against her as she drifted into sleep, and -- after a delicious five-minutes of this, his dick had even succeeded in making the tiny little cunt-lips open like a rosebud. He could feel the pleasure coursing through his body and his hard knob head massaged the little pussy. Suddenly, he could hold back no longer and erupted once again, his thick, warm sperm flooding the baby girl's groin, as he let out a deep sigh. 'Holy shit, this is the best sex I've ever had!' thought Dave, as he too drifted off to sleep.

As he did so, he smiled and whispered into the sleeping toddler's ear... "Yeah, princess...we're gonna be fuckin' great you and me... just great... just you wait and see..."

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