Perverts 'R' Us

Can't take our panties off

By Lil spurt (b/g+, pedo)

13 year old Bill had started jacking off shortly after his eleventh birthday, but he had never had any real pussy, and that's all he ever thought about. Bill had 4 older brothers, they all had kids, and they always needed baby sitters. The fact that Bill had turned 13 was about to change the "no pussy" issue, he just didn't know it yet.

His oldest brother Charles had 4 daughters and he desperately needed someone to watch them for the weekend. His regular baby sitter was sick and he had called everyone he could think of. Everyone had plans and he had all but given up hope when his wife had an idea.

"Why don't you ask your brother Bill to watch them I'm sure he would like a little spending money," said his wife.

"You've got to be kidding! He's only a kid himself. He's just 3 years older than Cindy" answered Charles.

"It's legal for 13 year olds to baby sit in this state and lots of 13 year old girls are trusted to watch small children. They do it all the time" replied his wife.

"I don't know if he could handle them. Katy is only 4 years old, but she's really wild and 6 year old Tina hardly minds us. Patty wouldn't give him any trouble. She's well behaved for an 8 year old. But Cindy is 10, and she may resent a boy watching her even if it is her favorite Uncle Bill." answered Charles. "I guess I could ask them how they feel about it."

Charles called his four daughters in and asked them how they felt about their Uncle Bill watching them for the weekend.

Not only were the girls all for it, they where so excited that Charles thought they were never going to calm down.

Bill said he would be glad to watch his nieces and was sure he could handle them just fine.

Bill showed up Friday evening, and after several instructions, Charles and his wife left for the weekend.

They had just barely left the driveway when 4 year old Katy asked Bill if she could sit on his lap. She was standing between Bill and the TV and was blocking his view.

"I guess so." said Bill.

"Oh goodie, we can play dogs and cats!" said Katy.

All she had on was a pair of white cotton panties and they seemed to small for her. They were pulled up tight in her little crack and were showing a perfect little camel toe. This did not go unnoticed by Bill.

"Damn that's sexy" thought Bill.

Katy climbed on his lap but was facing him with her knees on each side of his hips.

"How are you going to watch TV with your back to it?" asked Bill."

"Don't want to watch TV, want to play cats and dogs." answered Katy.

"What the heck is cats and dogs?" asked Bill.

"You have to put your hot dog in my pussy cat." answered Katy.

All Bill had on was a pair of Nike shorts, and as Katy was speaking she was rubbing her panty clad camel toe on Bill's cock.

He was watching (and feeling) her little pussy on his dick, and it was having the effect that little Katy wanted.

Bill's dick was getting hard, and she was making him horny.

"Katy honey, I don't know how to play that and I think you should sit still or go outside and play." said Bill.

"Don't want to go outside. I want to play cats an' dogs!" answered Katy.

Before Bill could say anything Katy pulled the waistband of his shorts down, grabbed his dick, pulled it out and began rubbing it.

He started to say something and stop her when his dick gave a jerk and he realized it felt really good to have a hand on his cock other than his own.

"What happens if your sisters come in and catch us?" asked Bill.

"They won't, besides they like to play cats and dogs too" said Katy. "I'll show you how to play."

She grabbed his hand and placed it on her panty covered pussy and told him to rub her pussy cat.

The second his hand touched her between her legs, he thought he was going to shoot his wad.

"Mother fucker, that's sexy" thought Bill, as he began rubbing her tiny 4 year old pussy.

Bill had rubbed her for about 4 or 5 minutes when Katy pulled her panties to the side and told him to rub her bare pussy.

He put his finger in her tiny slit and did as she asked. After several minutes, Katy started moaning and said she was ready for the dog to get her pussy.

Bill was sure he knew what she wanted but decided to play dumb and let her lead the way.

"You'll have to show me" said Bill.

"Ok." said Katy and then she placed the head of his dick against her tiny bald pussy and began rubbing it up and down. About the 4th time the head slipped inside her tiny slit.

"Ooh fuck, that feels good!" moaned Bill.

He had never had anything feel so good in his entire life. Katy continued rubbing his cock thru her tiny bald slit and on the upstroke she would rub the tip on her little clit.

She began moaning and rubbing her pussy faster.

"Ooh Uncle Bill, I'm ready for some puppy dog cream, give it to me now! Please! Please!" begged Katy.

Then she pushed his cock head against her tiny hole and pulled it tight. Then she began hunching her bald little pussy against his dick and at the same time stroked his shaft.

Bill put his hands on her tiny panty covered ass cheeks and began rubbing and squeezing them. He couldn't take his eyes off her sweet baby pussy. The shaft of his dick kept her panties pulled to the side giving him a clear view of her little mound and his cock head wedged in her pussy with the crown spreading her tiny lips was the most erotic thing he had ever saw.

Looking at this and Katy working his cock was to much for him.

"Oooh sweet baby girl I'm going to cum!" yelled Bill.

Suddenly his dick exploded. "AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! Mother fucker so good! So fuckin' good! Sweet pussy, sweet baby pussy!" Spurt, spurt, spurt!

He was out of his head as his sperm filled her tiny hole full of his hot puppy cream.

Little 4 year old Katy had her orgasm at the same time and was still jerking and quivering as he emptied his nuts with the hardest cum he had ever had.

Katy continued to hunch his still hard dick and Bill realized he wanted more.

Suddenly the back door opened and little Katie jerked his cock from her pussy, shoved it back in his shorts, and at the same time she pulled her panties over her little cunt. This was all done within 2 or 3 seconds.

In walked 6 year old Tina.

"Oh it's only you!" exclaimed Katy. "I thought it was mom. I forgot that she left with daddy."

"What were you doing, playing cats and dogs?" asked Tina.

"Yeah, and his doggie is bigger and better than Jimmie's, and he has more puppy cream too." replied Katy.

"Who is this Jimmy?" asked Bill.

"He's our neighbor. He just turned 11 last month and just started making puppy cream just a little while before his birthday. He don't make as much as you, and I like lots of cream in my pussy cat" said Katy.

"How long have you been playing dogs and cats with Jimmy, and who all plays?" asked Bill.

Tina spoke up. "Jimmie's the only boy, but me, Katy, Patty, Cindy and our cousins Mary Beth, Pamela, Jenny, and 4 or 5 neighbor girls all play."

"Damn, he's the only boy? He's one lucky little shit" replied Bill.

"Not any more, we have you also" said Katy.

"Yeah you can be our new boy, all the girls are going to love your big dog and lots of cream!" exclaimed Tina.

Then Tina pulled her shorts and t-shirt off, but left her panties on. The little 6 year old had on a pair of blue cotton panties which she had pulled up in the crack of her ass. They looked like thongs in the back and showed her little pussy crack, making a sweet little camel toe.

"I want a turn now." said Tina as she climbed on Bills lap.

She didn't waste any time. She pulled Bill's dick out, pulled her panties to the side and started rubbing the head in her tiny bald slit.

Bill rubbed her tiny nipples with one hand and with the other he rubbed and squeezed her tiny ass cheeks. Tina rubbed his dick in her tiny bald pussy and with him playing with her tits and ass she was soon moaning and Bill could tell she was getting really hot.

He was right, 5 minutes later she shoved his cock head tight against her little hole and began hunching against it.

"Give me your puppy cream, I want it now!" moaned Tina.

She started stroking his shaft along with the hunching and she started shaking all over.

Bill put both hands on her bare little ass cheeks and kept his eyes on the head of his dick which had her tiny pussy spread wide with the crown.

Tina started having her climax and Bill couldn't believe anyone as young as she or Katy was capable of having an orgasm.

Rubbing her tiny ass, looking at her sweet bald baby pussy, and watching her jerk through her orgasm put Bill over the edge.

"Holy shit here it comes! Sweet baby girl, sweet pussy, so hot, so good! AUUGGHH!!!" yelled Bill. Spurt, spurt, spurt.

Bill shot load after load into Tina's tiny bald pussy. His climax was just as strong as it was with Katy. His dick stayed hard and he kept it against her hot little pussy for 10 or 15 minutes. That's when 8 yr old Patty walked in.

"Can I have a turn?" asked Patty.

"You sure can" answered Bill and Tina at the same time.

Tina climbed off and Patty stepped forward.

"Are you going to take off your dress?" asked Bill.

"No, mom won't let me and Cindy run around in our panties like Katy and Tina. She says we're too old. That's why some of us older girls wear dresses so we can play dogs and cats and not get caught" answered Patty.

Then Patty tucked the bottom of her skirt up under the waistband exposing her cute little cotton panties. Then she pulled her panties up in the crack of her ass so her tiny cheeks would be bare. This also caused them to wedge in her little 8 year old pussy and showing the sides of her tiny bald mound. Then she rolled up her shirt, tucking it under so her tiny nipples could be played with.

"Come here sweet little girl, let's play." exclaimed Bill.

Patty got on his lap just like the other girls had done. Bill could tell they all had done this several times with Jimmie and were well practiced at it.

"Do you girls always do it this way, sitting on Jimmies lap?" asked Bill.

"Only in the house, it looks like we're just sitting on his lap being silly. Sometimes when were in the shed or garage, we do it standing up" answered Patty.

Then she pulled her panties to the side and placed the head of his dick in her little slit and began rubbing it up and down.

Her 8 year old pussy was a little bigger than her two younger sisters and Bill's cock head was completely buried in her tiny slit. All he could see was the back of the crown as she moved it thru her bald little pussy. It seemed like it was hotter also and this was really getting to Bill.

"Damn Patty, your sweet pussy really feels good." remarked Bill.

He began running his hands over her tiny nipples and beautiful little ass cheeks.

Needless to say this started making little Patty really hot and horny and she began moaning and rubbing his dick faster through her tiny pussy lips.

After 4 or 5 minutes she started shaking and moaning even louder. "Oooh Bill, I'm going to do it. Give me your puppy cream! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" bellowed Patty as she began her orgasm.

Instead of just pushing his cock head against her little hole, Patty rose up on her knees and placed it in the mouth of her tiny opening and put weight on it as she hunched his dick. Bill could feel her tiny ass tighten up as she continued her climax and she was really hunching hard against his cock.

Suddenly, without warning his cock head popped inside her little hole. The ring to her opening was squeezing hard behind the helmet and it was to much for Bill, it put him over the top.

"Ooooh Myyyy GGGOD! Aaaargh!" yelled Bill as he began shooting her tiny bald pussy full of his hot cum. Spurt, spurt, spurt!

"So good! Soooo fuuuucking goooood! Sweet pussy, sweet baby girl, so hot, feels too good, can't stand it! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" blubbered Bill as rope after rope of hot cum shot deep into Patty's 8 year old pussy.

Little Patty started raising up and down causing his cock head to squeeze in and out of her miniature opening. This made Bill's dick even harder and he continued having his climax only nothing was coming out the head of his dick. His dick would jerk and pulse like he was still shooting and it felt just as good. It lasted a good 2 minutes and his balls were aching.

"I've never cum so hard or so long in my entire life." thought Bill. "I'm really in pussy heaven."

Patty kept up her assault on his dick for 10 minutes or so and Bill was just starting to recover when 10 year old Cindy came in the back door.

"Oh goodie, I see you got Uncle Bill to play dogs and cats" said Cindy.

"Yeah, and he's a lot better than Jimmy!" exclaimed Tina.

"Do I get to play?" asked Cindy.

"You bet your sweet pussy, you do." answered Bill.

This brought giggles from all 4 girls.

Cindy tucked her skirt up and under her waistband and pulled her t-shirt up and exposing her tiny breasts. They were just barely starting to form, just small swellings on her chest but Bill thought they were beautiful. She was wearing a tiny pair of bikini panties that just did cover her preteen pussy. The little triangle of cloth was only about an inch wide in the front and only an inch wide strap in the back.

"Want to be on top?" asked Cindy. "If someone comes we can pull our clothes back in place and pretend we were just acting silly."

"Sure that sounds like fun" said Bill.

Cindy sat on the edge of the sofa, leaned back and spread her legs. This caused the little patch of cloth that was supposed to cover her tiny bald pussy to pull to one side exposing her beautiful preteen mound.

Bill quickly got on his knees between her legs and moved closer.

"Oh yes, he does have a nice wiener dog" exclaimed Cindy as she grabbed it and pulled her panties to the side.

She didn't waste any time. She began rubbing the head of his dick on her sweet bald little mound and about the 4th time it slipped inside her tiny slit.

"Man that feels good and so fucking hot!" remarked Bill.

"Mmmmmm! It sure does." answered Cindy as she continued to move his cock thru her tiny pussy lips.

Bill put his hands on her tiny, just starting to form breasts and began playing with them.

"Ooh yes! That feels really good Uncle Bill." moaned Cindy.

Bill kept his eyes darting back and forth between her sweet little pussy and her beautiful, but small, tits. It was really making his cock throb and he knew it wouldn't be long before he filled her full of hot cum.

His throbbing dick didn't go unnoticed by Cindy, and it was really turning her on.

Cindy moved his dick against her tiny hole, hooked her heels on his ass and said "put your doggie in my pussy and give me lots of cream."

Then she hunched up and at the same time pulled against his ass with her heels. Bill's dick squeezed in just past the head and they both gave a loud moan. This brought lots of giggles from her sisters.

The sudden penetration triggered both their orgasms at the same time.

Holy shit! It's so fucking good! Aaaaaaarrrggghh!" yelled Bill. Spurt, spurt, spurt.

Each time his dick would squirt, they would both hunch together and Bill's dick would go a little deeper. About the 5th or 6th spurt, his 13 year old balls were slapping against her 10 year old bald little pussy mound. Bill continued to shoot his cum deep in her preteen hole. He emptied his balls for the 4th time, but kept having a dry orgasm like he did with Patty.

Cindy was also having the best climax that her young body had ever experienced. Bill's dick stayed hard and the two young kids fucked for another 10 minutes.

Then Cindy spoke. "That was the best ever, it was so good!"

"I told you he was the best ever." remarked little Katy.

"I'll bet Uncle Steve, John and Mark will want you to watch their kids now that daddy and mommy let you baby sit for us." said Patty

"Yes and I bet Mary Beth, Pamela and Jenny will be really happy, they like to play dogs and cats as much as we do" said Cindy.

"I have an idea, why don't we invite the neighbor girls over Saturday and Sunday? They love dogs and cats too" said Patty.

"How many are they?" asked Bill.

"Well let's see, there's Trixie, she's 4, Melanie, she's 5, Cathy and Brenda are 7, Becky is 8, Susie is 9, and Ruthie is 10.That makes 7 girls plus us 4." said Cindy.

"Wow! That's 11 girls, will Jimmy be coming?" asked Bill.

"No, Jimmy's on vacation for two weeks but we don't need him, we have you" answered Patty. "We'll only play with him when you're not around."

"Don't worry I'm going to be around a lot more from now on" remarked Bill. I'm really looking forward to Saturday and Sunday."

"By the way, why don't you girls take your panties off?" asked Bill.

"Can't take our panties off. We might get caught." said little Tina.

"Maybe we can change that some of the time" said Bill.

To be continued: (Maybe)