Perverts 'R' Us

Me, Susan and More Kids

By Nastytalk (M/g, M/F, F/g, inc, pedo, preg)

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After having played with both our own little baby girl Katie, just a year old and Nikki the next-door neighbor's 5 year old girl we didn't think that things could get any hornier than that! How wrong can you be!!

The morning after we had all played together Susan decided to give little Katie a well-earned bath; Susan woke me up and asked if I'd like to watch - as I was still horny as fuck I naturally agreed. Susan went into Katie's room and picked her up from her cot. She lay Katie on the bed next to her cot and began to unbutton her little baby clothes, exposing her naked little body as Katie slowly awoke and opened her eyes giving us both a cute smile. Just at that moment a stream of pee suddenly shot from the baby's vagina splashing both me and Susan. Immediately Susan lent over and put her mouth to the little baby's pussy eagerly drinking her warm piss. After downing a couple of mouthfuls, she stood up and pushed my face between the baby's legs - I drank the remaining pee shooting from my daughter's tiny pussy. When she had finished peeing, I slowly licked her vagina clean.

"Well" said Susan with a wry smile on her face, "let's give our baby girl her bath".

Susan picked up Katie and took her to the bathroom, I followed closely behind. Susan lay Katie, naked on her back in the bathtub. Susan then pulled up the short black skirt she was wearing and pulled her black thong down to her ankles. She then removed the panties from her feet and raised one leg so her foot was on top of the side of the bath. Using both her hands, she opened her pussy a little and a gush of warm pee exploded from her hole and sprayed all over little Katie. The little baby didn't make a sound instead she just opened her mouth - I guess she likes the taste of piss and cum by now!

I couldn't take any more of this dirty sight in front of me - I unzipped my pants and pulled out my now erect cock. I started wanking… hard! I looked at Katie, her tiny body wriggling enjoying the shower. I then moved behind Susan and began to push my hard fuck tool deep inside her still-pissing pussy. The feeling of having my cock being pissed-on whilst fucking this girl was too much to take and I came almost immediately. Susan was out of breath. I pulled my cock from my girlfriend's tight pussy. Susan placed two fingers inside her hot hole and scooped up some of my cum that was dripping from her pussy. She then held her fingers in front of baby Katie's mouth. The little baby looked at the cum-covered fingers and opened her little mouth once again. Susan put her fingers in the little girl's mouth and we watched as she lapped-up the whole lot.

We all then got cleaned-up and went downstairs. We were sitting in the lounge when there was a knock at the door. I answered it to find Nikki stood there dressed in her gymnastics leotard. She asked me if she could visit later, after her gymnastics class had finished. I said she could come round anytime to play!

A couple of hours later, there was another knock at the door. I answered it expecting to only find Nikki, but she had also brought over her cute little Chinese girlfriend Lei who was also in Nikki's gymnastics class.

"You don't mind if my friend comes along do you?" asked Nikki is her cute little 5 year old voice.

"Not at all" I replied, carefully eyeing-up this beautiful little 6 year old Asian babe before me.

The girls hadn't got changed as it was a hot day. Nikki was wearing a black leotard, but Lei wore a green one with a thong-type bottom half that showed off the little girl's bum. I invited them in whilst getting a good look at Lei's bum as she walked into the lounge.

The young girls found Susan sat down in a chair nursing baby Katie. Susan's top was unbuttoned and her bra was unhooked at the front. Katie lay quietly in her mum's arms suckling from Susan's left breast. Her tits at this point were a size 36C. The two little girls couldn't keep their eyes off Susan's tits.

"Awwww - what a cute baby you have" sighed Lei in a strong Chinese accent.

"Thank you darling" said Susan smiling at the young girl. Lei smiled and sat down on the sofa next to me.

"Wow - you've got big titties!" exclaimed little Nikki.

"They have to be to hold all the milk for baby Katie" explained Susan, "yours will look like this when you have kids" she said.

Nikki looked down at her flat chest through her leotard and then looked back at Susan.

"Can I touch them?" asked the little girl

"Sure honey, but only if you let me see yours!" said Susan.

I thought Lei might have felt a little uncomfortable upon hearing this but the little girl just smiled at Susan and then at me. Nikki didn't need any more encouragement - she quickly pulled down the straps of her leotard to reveal her bare naked top half. I could tell that Susan was getting quite excited at this sight.

"Can I taste your milk?" asked Nikki.

"Sure" replied Susan.

She quickly stood up and sat baby Katie on my lap. She then returned to her seat and Nikki ran over and sat on Susan's lap. The tiny girl quickly fixed her mouth to Susan's right breast and began sucking.

"Does it taste good honey?" enquired Susan.

"Hhhmmm - yes it does!" answered Nikki with a grin on her face.

As I watched Nikki enjoying my girl's milk, I noticed that Lei's right hand had fallen between her legs and she was gently touching herself through her leotard. My cock was beginning to grow.

"Would you like to try some baby?" Susan asked Lei.

Lei gave a gentle nod of her head and said, "yes please".

With that, Lei automatically pulled the top of her leotard down to reveal her undeveloped little breasts. My cock was really hard by this point. Lei went across and began suckling on Susan's left breast. The sight of these two girls sucking on my girlfriend was very exciting. My cock had become so hard that I could feel precum emanating from the tip of my manhood. I unzipped my pants and sat little baby Katie beside me on the sofa. I reached inside my boxers to pull out my engorged cock. As soon as it was released, little Katie opened her little mouth and began sucking at the top of my penis, licking every drop of precum from my cock.

Susan, as well as being busy with the girls, was watching me with Katie and had put a hand down the front of her knickers. She was now vigorously rubbing her wet cunt. Lei looked down at Susan's crotch and then across at me. She stopped sucking on Susan's tit. She walked over to me and watched Katie as she licked my cock.

"You like this?" I asked pointing at my cock.

The little girl nodded - her hand had once again started rubbing on the crotch of her leotard. I took hold of her hand and pulled it from her crotch - I could see a damp spot had appeared - this girl was wet and ready to be fucked. I pulled baby Katie from my penis and lay her next to me.

"Suck my cock!" I told Lei. She immediately jumped on the sofa next to me on all fours and started sucking my cock with long slow moves. I moved my hand to her crotch and pulled it tight to one side to free her wet little pussy. I then pushed her bum down so that her pussy was directly in front of baby Katie. Katie slowly moved between Lei's legs and started lapping at the little Chinese girl's vagina. Lei moaned with pleasure as she continued to suck my cock.

Susan had just finished feeding Nikki. Still with a mouthful of milk, Nikki began to French-kiss Susan - the milk dripped between their mouths as they licked at each others lips. Susan then stood up and placed Nikki on the chair. She held the little girl's leotard with both hands and pulled it down slowly, right down her legs. When she removed the little leotard, Susan pushed-up Nikki's legs and spread them wide. With one hand, Susan opened the little girl's pussy then grabbed hold of her right tit with her other hand and squirted a load of her milk into the preschoolers pussy. After a few squirts, Susan pushed two fingers into Nikki's tight pussy and began to wank her to mix the milk in with Nikki's pussy juices. She pulled her fingers out and offered them to Nikki, dripping wet. The little girl began to suck at them as Susan put her mouth to little Nikki's vagina and began to drink the warm liquid from within the little girl's slit.

After sucking me off for 10 minutes, I knew I was ready to fuck this tight little Asian babe. I pulled baby Katie from licking Lei's wet crack and placed her on the floor. Lei stopped sucking my cock and began kissing me using her little tongue. I picked up the tiny 6 year old and placed her on the sofa. I opened the little girl's legs wide and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I slowly moved my hips forward and entered this tight little girl's cunt. I pushed slowly until almost all my cock had been taken by this immature pussy. I gave her a kiss and started grinding my cock in and out of the little girl. As I was fucking the tiny babe, I picked up Katie and stood her up next to Lei.

My little baby girl lent forward as if to hug the little Chinese girl and Lei kissed her on her lips. Lei held onto Katie with her hands while I continued to fuck her, as I did Lei slowly licked all over Katie's face. She then reached down to the baby's nappy and undid it. She showed the inside of the nappy to me and I could see that Katie had peed in it - Lei pushed the nappy into my face and I hungrily licked at it as I fucked her faster. Lei put her hand between Katie's legs and stroked her baby pussy. As she did, Katie began to pee covering Lei's hand with nice, warm piss. Lei put her fingers in her mouth as my baby girl peed all over the sofa, but I didn't care, I just had to fuck this girl. As I started to cum, I filled the little girl's pussy in no time, so I pulled my cock out of the tight hole and sprayed the rest onto Katie's face - she seemed to enjoy it! With a cum-filled pussy, I opened Lei's legs so that Katie could begin lapping at the little Chinese girl's hole - I left them to it…

I went across to where Susan was, bent over licking Nikki's baby cunt. Susan's pussy was dripping with girlie wetness. Hard once more, I proceeded to force my cock inside my beloved's wet hole. I rocked her back and forth as we took turns to lick Nikki's tight milk-filled hole. It didn't take me long to cum again. After pulling out of Susan, Nikki cheekily leapt up and walked behind Susan - she licked Susan's pussy with her tiny tongue. Looking at a sight like that only served to get me rock hard once more; Susan got up and sat in the chair, opening her legs wide - now it was Nikki's turn to be on all-fours while she licked hard at Susan's cum-wet pussy. I pushed Nikki's legs further apart to give me some room to open her up and I rammed my cock into the little girl's pussy, Nikki moaning as I did. I came almost instantly - my cock just couldn't take the strain!

What a fucking good day that was…