Perverts 'R' Us

The Elementary School Cock Sucking Contest

By LadyBug (M/F/M, b11, b10, g8, F/b, M/b, inc, rough sex)

Part 1

My husband Jeff and I were seated in the principal's office of the Harbor City Elementary school, where our two children attended classes. Ginny, our youngest child, was age 8 and in the second grade.

Timmy, our oldest, was 10, and in the fourth grade. My husband and I were hoping to enroll both kids in the school's annual cocksucking contest, an event that had been taking place yearly now for the past six years. We had just moved to Harbor City this past summer, so we did not know exactly what all the rules and regulations were for entering Ginny and Timmy in this prestigious contest. In fact, we had just learned of it a few days ago via our neighbor, Connie White, who had already enrolled her two children in the event. After speaking with Mrs. White, and learning just how prominent this contest was considered to be in Harbor City, I couldn't wait for my husband to arrive home from work that evening so I could tell him about it. Once I had passed on to him the information that I had received from our neighbor, he readily agreed that we should indeed enter both Ginny and Timmy in the big event.

I should point out that both our kids are pretty proficient cocksuckers, and both have been sucking cocks since they were three years old. I was thinking of the first time Ginny sucked a cock, my brother's, some five years ago, when my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door behind my husband and I being opened, then shut. That was when Mr. Harold Crowley, the school principal, entered the room. He was a tall man, slim and trim, with a full head of hair, which was starting to turn gray, and I guessed his age to be early fifties. He was nice looking, and was clad in an expensive dark blue suit. He smiled at both of us as he took his seat behind his large oak desk. He shuffled a few papers on his desk, glancing at them swiftly, and then focused his eyes on Jeff and I.

"So, you are Jeff Clark and Amy Clark, yes?" he said.

"Yes," I said in reply. Jeff just nodded in affirmation.

"And you wish to enter your two children in our school's annual cocksucking contest, correct?" he asked, smiling at us both.

"Yes, sir," I responded quickly. "We're not really sure though just how this contest functions, and we were hoping perhaps you could fill us in on all the particulars and so forth. That is why we requested this appointment with you today, Mr. Crowley."

"I see," the principal said. "Well, I can certainly do that, Mrs. Clark. To begin with, the contest is held on six levels. Each grade, from kindergarten through fifth grade has its own event. It wouldn't be fair, for example, to match a first grader against a fifth grader, so we do it grade by grade. There is no limit to how many children can compete from each grade. Last year we had more first graders than we did fifth graders, but it looks like we will have about the same number of kids from each grade competing this year, I am pleased to say.

The contest is held over a six day period, with each grade competing on a different day. It is held in our school auditorium of course and starts promptly at 7:00 pm. each of the six days. There is no admission charge, and parents and friends can attend all six days, even if their particular child is not in the contest on that given night. We also encourage grandparents and other relatives to attend, by the way."

"I see, " I said. "How long does each nightly contest last?"

"Until the last cock has been sucked and the cum from it has been devoured by the contestant," he answered. "Then, there is a brief waiting period while the judges make their respective decisions. There is a prize for first, second and third place, I should tell you."

"And who are these judges, and how many are there, may I ask?" I inquired.

"There are three judges, and they are selected at random from our staff of teachers," he told me. "However, each night's contest has a different set of judges. Their names are drawn from a hat actually."

"Sounds fair," I said. "Tell us, Mr. Crowley, who are the men that get sucked off by the children, and how many are there?"

"Ah, that is privileged information, I'm afraid," he replied. "Each male must remain anonymous, for obvious reasons, and they all wear masks while they are on stage being sucked off. They are completely naked except for their face masks. I can tell you this much though, they range in age from 14 to 65."

"Well, I suppose I can understand their wishing to remain anonymous. How do you select them though?" I wanted to know.

He smiled at my question.

"Quite simply, by cock size, Mrs. Clark." he said, still smiling. "If you attend the contest on any of the six nights, I can assure you and your husband that you will see some of the largest and thickest cocks you have ever seen in your lifetime. Even the cocks of the boys we have for this phenomenal event are extraordinary."

"Any further questions?" Mr. Crowley asked.

"Just one more," Jeff finally spoke up.

"Yes, Mr. Clark, what is it?" Crowley asked my husband.

"How many cocks does each contestant have to suck?" Jeff asked the principal.

"Three," came Mr. Crowley's response. "Three cocks per each child in the contest. Needless to say, each child must swallow all of the cum load offered by all three cocks. Missing any of it, spitting it out, etc., is cause for immediate elimination. I take it both of your children are capable of devouring a good sized load of sperm, yes?"

"Yes, they are, sir," Jeff said proudly.

"Good," the principal replied with a smile. "I would surely hate to see either of them disqualified for such a simple task as swallowing the cum from a nice firm cock they had just sucked to completion."

"Any more questions?" the principal asked us.

"No, I think you have answered everything for us," Jeff told him.

"Oh, wait," I cut in. "There is one more thing. How should Ginny and Timmy be dressed for this contest?"

"In panties only," Crowley informed us. "Nothing else at all. Just panties. And the cuter and tighter they are, the better."

"Timmy too?" I asked. "Timmy has to wear panties?"

"Oh yes," he said, flashing a big smile our way. "We don't have many boys in this contest, but we do have some, and the dress code is the same for both girls and boys. Panties only. Any way, if you want your son to be a noteworthy cocksucker, and obviously you do, he should be wearing panties at all times, don't you think?"

"Yes," I sighed, "I suppose you are right about that."

My husband nodded in agreement.

"You two should get the little cocksucker in panties as soon as possible, and that way he will be used to wearing them by the time the contest begins," he said to us.

"I think you're right about that," I chimed. "We will have to stop off and buy him some panties on the way home."

"Good idea," Mr. Crowley said. "Tell me, how long has the boy been sucking cocks?"

"Since he was three," I admitted. "My husband got him started. Jeff is fairly bisexual, and he has always been fond of sucking cock, so it seemed only fitting to get our son into it, too."

Crowley grinned, and then looked directly at my husband.

"Does Timmy suck YOUR cock, Mr. Clark?" he wanted to know.

"Yes, sometimes," Jeff confessed to the school executive. "But mostly these days, he prefers sucking off some of the older boys in our neighborhood, and a few of their dads, as well. These older boys are in their teens, primarily 13 to 16."

"Sometimes, my husband and Timmy suck these boys and their fathers together," I told Mr. Crowley.

My husband blushed beet red when I said that, and Crowley laughed slightly.

"Really?" Crowley inquired, as he laughed again.

"Oh yes," I went on. "Just last Saturday, I came home from shopping to find both my husband and son totally naked, on their knees, side by side in the living room, sucking the cock of our 14 year old paper boy and his father, and loving every inch of those two splendid cocks, too!"

"Who was sucking which cock?" he asked me.

"Well, they were taking turns," I told him. "Jeff would suck the paper boy a while, as our son sucked the father, then Jeff and Timmy would trade off. It went back and forth like that until, finally, the father shot off in my son's mouth, and the paper boy put a nice load down my husband's throat."

"Do you like watching your husband and son suck cock, Mrs. Clark?" Crowley asked me.

"Yes, I have to admit that I do," I said. "It is quite a turn for me and never fails to get me wet."

"Well, I have to tell you something, Mrs. Clark," Mr. Crowley said, sighing deeply as he spoke, "I have been eyeing you up since I sat down here at my desk. That long auburn colored hair of yours is beautiful, and your big brown eyes are simply exquisite. You are very, very pretty, and it is easy to see where your little Ginny gets her great looks. I have observed that little bitch of yours in Miss Daley's classroom, and also on the playground, and she is indeed one fine looking piece of ass for an eight year old. I have no doubt that she will probably grow up to be an exact replica of her sexy mother, and who could complain about that?"

"Well, thank you," I smiled, my face flushing a bit red at the principal's most welcome compliments.

I started to say something else, but Crowley waved me off with his hands.

"Allow me to go on, please," he spoke out. "As I've said, Mrs. Clark, I have been eyeing you up since I sat down here at my desk, and even though it is difficult to ascertain the size of your tits under that sweater you are wearing, I would venture to guess they are about a size 36, am I right?"

"Uh, 36C actually," I told him.

"Hm, I thought as much," he continued. "I imagine your nipples are quite large, too, and pink in color, yes?"

"Yes," I told him, blushing once more.

"Lovely," he said. "That mini-skirt you are wearing is extremely sexy, and I have to admit I would love to see what it is covering. You have exceptionally tawny legs. Why don't you part those luscious legs of yours a bit so that I can have a view of your panties? You are wearing panties, are you not?"

"Yes," I said, with somewhat baited breath. His words were beginning to turn me on, and I blushed a full crimson color now.

I looked over at Jeff for his approval, and he nodded his head up and down.

"Go ahead, honey," Jeff said softly. "Let him have a peek at your panties."

I moved my legs so that my knees were no longer touching, affording this school executive a clear view of my crotch area. He stared long and hard, and then sighed.

"I applaud your choice of panties," Crowley said at last, still staring at my now exposed crotch area. "I like the color, too. Lime green is beautiful, I think. They are silk, aren't they?"

"Yes, they are silk," was all I could think of to say.

It was at this point that Mr. Crowley turned his attention to my husband.

"Mr. Clark," Crowley began, "I must tell you that your stunning wife has given me quite a hard-on. I really need to see more, namely her cunt. You wouldn't have any objections to her removing those charming panties so that I could see her cunt in the flesh, would you?"

Jeff moved about uneasily in his chair, alongside me, before giving his answer.

"Uh, well .. I guess that would be all right," my husband sputtered.

"Good," Crowley replied, as a huge grin crossed his face. "In fact, why don't you peel them off of your wife? Stand up, Mrs. Clark, so that your husband can lower those lovely panties of yours. I can't wait to feast my eyes on your cunt."

I stood up and Jeff reached over and slid his hands up under my mini-skirt. His hands were trembling as he gripped the waistband of my panties and commenced to lower them. When they reached my ankles, I stepped nervously out of them and faced Mr. Crowley. I lifted the hem of my short skirt to my waist to enable him to get a full view of what he wanted to see. I kept my eyes lowered as I was too embarrassed to look at him directly.

Crowley let out with a loud whistle, and then he groaned.

"Beautiful!" I heard Mr. Crowley state. "Absolutely beautiful! And cleanly shaved, too! That's fantastic! I suspected as much. A cunt that beautiful should not be covered with hair."

"Thank you," I murmured, still holding my skirt up around my waist.

"Come around here to the side of my desk," Crowley told me. "I just have to smell it."

I gingerly took the few steps necessary and soon found myself standing on wobbly legs alongside Crowley's leather chair. He lowered his face to my pussy and I could feel his hot breath on it as he inhaled the scent of my clean shaven snatch.

When at last he was done sniffing it, he looked up at me.

"Magnificent," he said, almost breathlessly, "now that is what a cunt should smell like!"

Then he placed his right hand on my pussy and as stood there quivering, he inserted the middle finger of his right hand deep inside my cunt. I gasped aloud.

"Ah, your wife is nice and juicy," he said, looking over at Jeff.

I too looked over at Jeff, who was now squirming in his chair, and trying to get a better look at what Crowley was doing to me. Crowley then shot another finger up my wet pussy, then with his left hand reached around and grasped my ass tightly. I moaned and sighed loudly.

"I think your wife needs to be fucked, Mr. Clark," Crowley told my husband. "Wouldn't you agree?"

"I .. I guess so," I heard Jeff stammer as he wiggled around in his chair.

"I'm going to pleasure her with my ten inch cock," Crowley told Jeff. "But first, I need to be sucked a bit. Why don't you come over here and get my cock out and suck it awhile. Get it good and rigid for your radiant wife's pussy?"

Mr. Crowley was smiling as the middle finger of his left hand went sailing up my ass hole. I cried out with a shriek and was helpless to move as both my cunt and asshole were now being explored by Crowley's talented fingers. My eyes were closed shut and my entire body was shaking, so I didn't see my husband drop to his knees in front of Mr. Crowley, but I did hear the unmistakable sound of a zipper being opened. A few seconds later I heard the distinct sounds of licking and sucking, and I knew that Jeff was busy attending to Crowley's cock with his mouth.

The horny principal continued to ravish my cunt and asshole with his expert fingers, as my husband sucked on his prick, and I was swooning with lust and joy.

"Ah, that's enough, Mr. Clark," Crowley bellowed some five minutes later. "You can stop sucking me now. It's time for me to fuck this dazzling wife of yours."

The sucking sounds ceased a moment later, and Crowley withdrew his fingers from my cunt and anus. I just stood there, still shaking noticeably. Crowley stood up and rapidly removed all of his clothing. He handed his clothing to Jeff, who placed the apparel neatly on a chair. I looked down at Mr. Crowley's cock, which was covered with my husband's saliva, and standing outward, stiff as a board. It was immense! Crowley smiled at me lustfully, and then grabbed hold of my ass with both hands.

"Get your clothes off, Mrs. Clark," he ordered of me.

I nodded, and began to shuck of my sweater, bra and skirt.

Crowley grabbed hold of my tits and squeezed them hard. I yelped, and he laughed slightly. He then pushed me backwards and soon I was on my back on his desk.

"Spread your legs," he commanded, and I did.

Jeff came around the front of the desk and held my hand tightly as Crowley mounted me, then penetrated me with his gigantic sized prick. I could not hold back a scream and a long yelp as he entered me all the way. He began fucking me profoundly, with long, steady thrusts, and his orange sized balls smacked viciously against my ass as he pounded me ferociously.

My husband continued to hold my hand lovingly, and he even kissed my forehead a few times, during this brutal fucking, but his eyes were centered on Crowley's huge cock sawing its way in and out of my aching pussy. When I reached my first orgasm, I let out a piercing howl, and Crowley grinned. Then he bit and chewed on my nipples as he hammered my cunt still harder. I came again!

"Is he fucking you good, sweetheart?" my husband asked me in a hoarse voice.

"Oh, yes, darling!" I confided to him breathlessly. "He is fucking me wonderfully!"

Crowley slapped my tits, and then lowered his face to mine and French kissed me, and I came still again. My hips and ass were gyrating wildly as he fucked my cunt like a savage.

"I'm going to cum in her now!" Crowley wailed loudly, looking at my husband. "I'm pretty potent, so I just might knock her up. You don't mind, do you?"

"No .. not at all, " I heard my husband reply, as he squeezed my hand harder. The thought of possibly being impregnated by this horny man had me reeling, and my cunt oozed still more fluid as I reached another glorious orgasm. I locked my legs snuggly around Mr. Crowley's back as he began to fill my pussy with his baby making seed.

I was panting and moaning like never before by the time Crowley had finished shooting off deep inside me. When he at last pulled out, he instructed Jeff to suck his cock clean, and my husband got on his knees and did so as I watched and struggled to catch my breath. Then Crowley had Jeff lick and suck my battered pussy.

Crowley came around and kissed me as Jeff tended to my bruised cunt with his mouth.

In spite of the fabulous fucking I had just received, I was still horny, and Mr. Crowley seemed to sense this. Still naked, he sat down in the chair behind his desk and hit a button on his intercom box. A female voice responded.

"Yes, Mr. Crowley?" the female voice spoke out.

"Julie, get Tommy Hines and Bobby Poole from Mrs. Koslo's fifth grade class. Have them come to my office immediately," Crowley said.

"Yes, sir, right away," came the reply.

I was still lying naked, except for my high heeled shoes, on Crowley's desk. Crowley was rubbing my sore pussy and squeezing my tits, and my husband was back to sitting down in the chair in front of the desk.

"I think your wife is still horny," Crowley said to Jeff. "And from that tent pole in your pants, I would have to assume that you are, too!"

Jeff squirmed in his chair and blushed a bit at Crowley's comments.

"Any way, you both deserve a treat," Crowley went on. "So, I just sent for two fifth grade boys. Now, even though these two boys are only eleven years old, they both have fairly nice sized cocks for their age. I'm going to have one of them fuck your wife, and you can suck off the other one and jerk yourself off as you suck his fine boy cock."

Neither Jeff nor I said anything to that statement. A minute later both boys entered the principal's office. Both kids were nice looking, and both had big grins on their faces when they saw me lying nude on their principal's desk.

"Hello, boys, " Crowley said, greeting the pair. "I need you two to help me out here. Tommy, get undressed and get ready to fuck this shapely bitch. Bobby, you take off your clothes, too. This lady's husband is going to give you a really good blow job."

"Yes, sir!" the two lads replied in unison, and began to strip down at once.

Mr. Crowley wasn't kidding about their cocks. I caught sight of both of their cocks after they were free of their clothing, and I estimated both to be about seven inches in length and quite thick, too. I became even hornier as Tommy climbed between my legs and prepared to fuck me. Here I was, a 32 year old wife and mother of two, about to be fucked by a boy who was just a year older than my own son. I spread my legs for the boy and he wasted no time shoving his stiff seven inch tool inside my wanton cunt. He grasped my tits and squeezed them roughly as he fucked me with well timed strokes.

"What's your name, baby?" he asked me, in between thrusts.

"Amy," I said, as my ass wriggled about beneath him. "Amy Clark."

"No shit?" he said, pumping me harder now. "Are you related to Timmy Clark?"

"Yes," I said, moaning softly now, and about to orgasm. "I'm his mother. Do you know Timmy?"

"Yeah, he's sucked me off a couple of times. He's a grade below me, but he sure can suck a mean dick!" the boy said, as his balls slapped against my ass.

"Oh," was all I could think of to say in reply, then I cried out with a passionate orgasm, and Tommy lowered his face to mine and we soul kissed blissfully. After the steamy kiss, I turned my head slightly to the left and caught sight of Mr. Crowley, who was grinning as he watched this 11 year old youth fuck me superbly. I then turned my head to the right and was able to see my now naked husband on his knees lavishly sucking on the cock of Bobby Poole, and apparently loving it. He was also jerking himself off.

"Suck it, mother fucker! Suck it good!" I heard Bobby utter loudly, as he pulled my husband's head even closer to his stiff boy cock. "Make me cum, you cocksucker!"

I came once more before Tommy emptied his ball juice inside my cunt. He pinched my nipples roughly as he shot off his cum in me, and I squealed out in pain. The boy smiled, and he seemed to enjoy my suffering. Tommy pulled out of me, then crawled upward and sat on my tits. He took hold of his cock with his right hand and steered it towards my mouth.

"Suck it, Amy," he said to me with a groan. "Clean my dick with your mouth!"

I merely nodded, and then opened my mouth and began to suck the combined juices of our coupling from his cock. Crowley watched with keen interest as I did this chore.

When I was done, I looked up at the boy.

"Where did you learn that?" I asked him softly, as my hands massaged his balls.

"Learn what?" Tommy asked me.

"The cleaning thing, you know? Making me suck your cock clean after fucking me," I explained to him.

"My dad taught me that," he grinned. "He makes my mom clean him that way after he fucks her, and so he taught me to do it, too. He said all bitches should clean up every cock they are fucked by."

"Do you fuck your mom, too, Tommy?" I inquired.

"Yeah, I've been fucking her for almost a year now, and my kid sister, too. They both have to clean my dick after I fuck them," he stated proudly.

It was then that Bobby Poole let out with a yell and began sending his boy load of cum down my husband's throat. I turned my head just in time to see Jeff gulping down the boy's load of rich cum juice. The boy then wiped his spent prick all over my husband's face as Jeff ejaculated on Crowley's rug.

"The cleaning lady has her work cut out for her tonight," Crowley chuckled, as he watched Jeff's sperm squirt onto the office carpet.

A few minutes later, the two fifth grade boys were dressed and headed out the door, back to the classroom.

I started to get down from the desk but Crowley stopped me.

"Don't get down just yet, Mrs. Clark," he told me. "I have another surprise for you. How would you and your husband like to eat some succulent first grade pussy?"